28 Feb 2011

Healthy mix foundation

On a dreary wet day last week I popped into my local Superdrug to cheer myself up (buying makeup always makes me happy).
I'm finding it incredibly hard to find a foundation that I like at the moment because my skin seems to keep changing from dry to oily from day to day. With this in mind I headed to the makeup section and covered my hands in various swatches of foundations (my hands were a lovely shade of yellow when I had finished!).
I decided on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation mainly because it smelled AMAZING (like apricots) and it was the only foundation that matched my colouring so I bought it.
It was £9.99 which is more than I would normally spend (bad I know) but it is a reasonable sized bottle.

The Superdrug store in my town is quite small so there were only three shades to choose from 51, 52 or 53. To be honest they were all very similar so I went for the middle shade. I am actually really impressed by the colour of this foundation - usually foundations make me look slightly yellowy or they are either too pale or too dark. This colour matches my skin perfectly, I don't even need to do too much blending into my neck and chest like I normally do.
The finish is described as semi-matte - I think I would have preferred it to be a bit more dewy looking but it isn't too drying on my face (as I said before my face is being weird at the moment so I can't really tell what the finish is supposed to be like!)
Anyway here is a bad pic but you can see my (pale) face!

I'm quite pleased with the even look it gives me, just need some sunshine to give me some colour! haha.

(This next one is just to show off my sparkly phone case really!)

Can anyone recommend any good foundations that aren't too expensive?

pale and pasty....

Manths xxx


  1. I really want to try this foundation.
    I hear is like a cheap version on Nars Sheerglow?
    It looks very natural on you.

  2. Yeh I'm quite pleased with it! I couldn't tell you if it is like a cheap version of Nars because unfortunately I haven't tried it! But you should definitely give it a go! xx

  3. I really do love your blog, so interesting!! I’d appreciate so much if you would come and visit mine, I would be proud of you to be my follower..

  4. I use L'Oreal Perfect Match Foundation and i'm really liking it. I'm on my 3rd bottle right now. It leaves a really natural look :)If you havent triedit already id definetley recommend it;)

    lovely blog!




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