28 Sep 2011

Super foods to help your skin

IT's coming to the end of September which means summer is officially over and Autumn is setting in *sigh*
I'm sure most of you, like me, gave your poor old skin a good sun bashing over the last few months, which, although you can't see it at the moment, has probably caused a lot of damage to your largest organ (the skin) in the long run.
But never fear, there are certain foods you can eat to rejuvenate your skin and even help prevent further sun damage — skin superfoods.
Tomatoes — These little babies are possibly the best food to help skin damage. Tomatoes are filled with  a powerful anti-oxidant called lycopene, which especially when cooked, helps to combat the damaging effects of UV rays. Tomatoes can be used in so many different ways when cooking so why not try to incorporate tomatoes into your meals a few times a week? (or indulge in a Bloody Mary!).

Colourful fruits and vegetables — yes we've all heard about needing our five a day but there is reason behind this. A rainbow of fruit and veg have a number of substances in them to add protection against the sun's harmful effects, such as apigenin (found in broccoli, cherries and celery) and resveratrol (found in grape skins). These are not only anti-oxidants but they also have structured water, which penetrates cells better to better hydrate you when you drink water. Eat Fruit and vegetables in their raw form as often as possible as they lose nutrients when cooked.
Coffee — Yes rumour has it that coffee not only gives you an energy boost but it also may help to protect your skin. Research has shown that the anti-oxidant in coffee destroys sun-damaged skin cells before they turn cancerous. But before you start bouncing off the walls after drinking copious amounts of coffee - I did say it was rumoured. But it is nice to know that our favourite mid-morning beverage could be good for us!

Even if you eat all these super foods, it is best to remember that prevention is better than cure so ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use sun cream to stop your skin cells getting damaged in the first place! And sun cream isn't just for the summer, as the winter sun can be just as harmful, be sure to use moisturiser or foundation with a decent SPF to avoid sun damage and prevent wrinkles and sun spots.

Manths xx
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14 Sep 2011

This week I want....

Strong, long, healthy looking nails

lacey tights for the autumn

a bum like this (please?)

I NEED these rings in my life

I want to go here (wherever it is)

her tattoo down her arm and the style of her hair

Thinking about getting a fringe like this? (I don't know whether to or not yet!)

And I want to try this Bridget Bardot hairstyle this week, looks simple but chic!
(images via weheartit.com)

Manths xx

2 Sep 2011

DIY Day: Leather feather headband

Welcome to the second DIY day! I hope everyone had a go at making a skirt? (if you missed the post you can view it here).
Today's DIY comes after seeing so many types of headbands at the recent festival I went to. I wanted one but didn't want to spend nearly a tenner on one so I thought 'I'll try to make one myself' and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
Here is what I was aiming for...
Asos £8


 and mine!

So WHAT YOU NEED is about 2 to 3 metres of leather or suede (cost me around £1) and I used a pair of feather earrings from H&M which the boyfriend told me looked like I had dead birds hanging from my ears....charming.
(I only used one earring by the way)

Start off by folding the leather into three...

leaving a loop at the top and snipping the loop at the bottom so you have three ends...

Then start plaiting!

When your plait is complete, get a needle and corresponding colour thread and sew the ends to make sure they are secure so the plait won't unravel...

Then, get your earring and take off the ear post from the joining loop like this (you will still need the post so don't throw it away)....

Get the post and, keeping the loop at the bottom, bend the rest of it into a twist. Use the loop at the bottom of the post to attach onto the top of the plait (where you didn't snip the end)....

Then get the rest of the earring and use the joining loop to attach it to the other end of the plait...

So both ends should end up looking like this.....

and Voila! You have your very own leather feather headband!
Just wrap it round your head once or twice, depending on how long you want the drop, and twist the free end into the plait.

I want to see pictures of everyone who has tried this please, email is on the right hand side of the blog!! Good luck!

Manths xx
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