17 Feb 2011

Hair today......

.... hopefully not gone tomorrow!

I'm so excited today because I am (finally) getting more highlights in my hair - it has been months and months since my last highlights and the top of the highlights are nearly down to my ears!! ( I can finally see what my natural hair colour is after years and years of dying - I can tell you it is a lovely shade of....bleurgh). You know the colour, what people call dull mousy brown - its just a boring, bleurgh colour.
The reason it has got this bad is the same old money problems we are all experiencing at the moment — either not eat for two weeks and spend £60/£70 on hair or just put up with it.
BUT a wonderful woman has come to my rescue, her name is Tash she is my friend's brother's girlfriend and she is training to be a hair dresser and said she would give me highlights in exchange for sharing a bottle of wine - not a bad price at all!

A few pics to show you what I am eventually aiming for....


Yes I know I'm sorry another picture of Kesha but this is exactly how I would love my hair! As you can probably see I want big wavy hair as well but unfortunately my very thin poker straight hair will not allow it!!

Happy hair days......

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  1. haha, orange soup is soup to eat its so nice its an old family recipe but every time i eat it my skin is brilliant after wards lol hope your hair turns out how you want it :] xxx

  2. haha, 'orange soup mask' yummy lol


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