11 Feb 2011

Currently lusting after......

• Suspender tights

• Christian Laboutin shoes

• The summer (hurry up!!!!!) and obviously to go with the summer I want.......

• A bikini body and golden tan

• Long blonde messy hair 
(All photos lovingly taken off Google)

Also as I was looking for photos I found an outfit which is very me and I want it.....

Sorry for all the pics of Kesha ( I don't actually really like her I just love her hair - and this outfit! haha).

Have a good weekend lovelies!

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  1. god i love those tights! i've never seen anything like them. hot. lovely blog, maybe we can follow each other? i just followed ya :)

  2. heya thanks for your comment on my blog, the black heart ring was from primark a very long time ago but have a look in there cause they always have heart jewelry :]
    i have so many pairs of these tights but every time i put them on i put my hand through th sheer bit :/ not good considering they are well expensive for tights lol xx


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