10 Feb 2011

Gym update!

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I know I haven't blogged about the gym since I said it was going to be my New Years Resolution to get fit but that doesn't mean I haven't been going! (I just don't want to bore you all too much!)
At the moment I've been going to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and the occasional Saturday when I can be bothered.
I think its paying off, not too much of a difference yet but I'm feeling better - which is the main thing!
As I don't have scales at home I'm trying to stay consistent and weigh myself at the robot-looking machine at Boots. My original plan was to do it every Monday morning but I think that is too often and I won't see much of a difference so I'm just going to do it when I remember basically!
I went this morning on my way to work but today's stats aren't that precise because I had heeled boots on which made me taller resulting in my BMI being lower than it actually is, and probably made me a little bit heavier than I am — every little helps ;)
So here it is:

Weight - 9st 8lbs (exactly the same)
Body Fat - 26.2 % (down 0.7%)
I wont put the BMI because its irrelevant!

I know there isn't much change but I'm quite pleased as long the the numbers aren't going up!! haha.
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