14 Nov 2011


Just noticed I have been passed on an award from lovely Natasha at Silhouette Skies — thank you very much!!

As you can see it is a tell me about yourself award so I am going to have to think of seven facts you may not know about me.....hmmm.....
1, I live in a tiny little town in Devon (UK) called Tavistock which is filled with old people and is the hometown of Sir Francis Drake.
2, I have slight OCD about food - e.g different foods on my plate CANNOT be touching each other and I eat things in a certain order (weird I know).
3, On a similar note I have a bit of OCD about my bed - the duvet has to neat and over all corners at all times (my boyfriend really hates this)
4, I am a reporter on the local newspaper.
5, I am short - 5ft 2 and a half to be exact - my boyfriend is a whole foot and 2 inches taller than me!
6, I lived in New Zealand for a few years when I was younger.
7, My dream is to own a pair of Christian Louboutin's.

Now to pass this on to 15 bloggers: Steffani-Louise, Mo, Rachel, Halima, Lo Marie, Mercedes, Pebbz, Princess and the Pea, Twiggs, Rach, Jade, The Button Box, Kate, CXy and Where are My Knees?

Check all these lovely ladies out, they make up my daily reading!!

Manths xx

11 Nov 2011

I'm in love...

Mr Louboutin, you've done it again....

These lion paw pumps might not be to everyone's taste but I personally think they are amazing.
The latest celeb to be wearing them is Blake Lively and I think she gets it right, these are the kind of shoes to make a statement, and she pairs them with a casual look....
                      (pics from Daily Mail)

One day I will get my hands on a pair of red soled wonders....

Manths x

10 Nov 2011

Versace for H&M — yay or nay?

WE all love it when our favourite high street hotspot collaborates with top designers to allow us common folk to experience a touch of the high-life, so I was excited to see what the most recent designs from Donnatella Versace for H&M had in store for us.
Looking through photos of the collection from the show last night, I'm actually in love with all the studs, glitter and fringing that feature in a lot of the garments - not so sure I'm digging the neon jungle print though.....

                          (Photos from Daily Mail)

The collection also boasts a range of mens-wear, accessories, bags and jewellery (which are beautiful)...

(Pictures from H&M website)

The designs are available from November 17, I unfortunately do not live anywhere near a flagship store so there will be little chance of me getting my hands on any of these beauts but I will be rushing to a computer to shop online! Visit the H&M website to view the collection in full.

What do you guys think, is Versace for H&M a yay or a nay?

Manths x

8 Nov 2011

Giveaway winner!!

A big thank you to the two lovelies who entered my Lush Skullduggery give away — Mo and Fannie!
Unfortunately there could only be one winner, so I went old school and wrote the names on paper and put them in a hat (cup)....

.... whizzed them around and pulled out a name....

MO! Well done I will be sending it off imminently! Check out Mo's blog - it's one of my favourites Ciao! Manhattan

I will be holding a BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY in the near future in celebration of my first bloggiversary to say thank you to all of you who take the time to read my ramblings!
(I hope a few more of you enter this time, haha!)

Manths xx
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