8 Jun 2012

Yay or nay: High waisted bikinis

Bikinis have been given a retro make-over recently and high waisted styles seem to be popping up everywhere.
Gone are the itsy-bitsy, bare-all bikinis — high waisted may not be the best for tanning but they bring a touch of glamour to the pool side. Perfect for the more curvy of us who don't feel comfortable having a piece of string to hold all our bits in place, but taking the step to a full body swimsuit seems a bit too mature — these bikinis help to hide lumps and bumps while still looking stylish.
I will definitely be purchasing one of these babies when I next go on holiday...
The icon wearing hers (google)

(images from weheartit.com)

So what do you guys think of high waisted bikinis — yay or nay?
Manths xx

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