31 Jul 2011

Blog sale!!!

Ok guys, im having a clear out!! Clothes, shoes, makeup and accessories up for grabs!!
These are only going to be on sale for a few days then all unsold items will go on ebay!
•Open to UK residents (sorry!)
•Paypal payment only
•Postage costs stated with item (no charge for additional items)
•Just comment below with item number/description or send me an email at manths87@hotmail.co.uk
•First requests will get the item
Happy shopping!!

Item 1: Pink Miss Selfridge shoes, worn once, very good condition, size 5, £5 (£3 postage)
Item 2: New Look Mary-Jane style buckle shoes, size 6, a little wearing on the soles as shown but very good condition, £5 (£3 postage)
Item 3: Customised lace shoes (originally had black laces but I put ribbon in), size 5, wearing on sole as shown, £3 (£3 postage)
Item 4: Black sequinned vest, says size 14 but I am a 10 and could not go any smaller or it wouldn't fit!, £5 (£2 postage)
Item 5: Florence and Fred cowl neck dress, size 14 (very small 14), never worn, £5, (£2 postage)
Item 6: Florence and Fred hankerchief skirt dress, size 10, never been worn, £7 (£2 postage)
Item 7: Black H&M pencil skirt, very good condition, £3 (£2 postage)
Item 8: Topshop long jersey waistcoat, size 10, £3 (£2 postage)
Item 9: New Look blazer, never been worn, fully lined, size 10, £8 (£2 postage)
Item 10: Polka dot top, excellent condition, size 10, £3 (£2 postage)
Item 11: River Island leather superstar belt, excellent condition, £3 (£2 postage)
Item 12: Military style adjustable waist belt, excellent condition, £2 (£1.50 postage)


Item 13: Hair extensions weft, colour #6 brown, hair length 14", weft width 42" - can be used to make clip in extensions, cut pieces to size and sew on some clips. They say 100% human hair but when I tried to bleach them it didn't take to well so just be careful! £20 (£1.50 postage) SOLD
Item 14: decorative headband, (like an alice band), £1 (£1.50 postage)
Item 15: Benefit confessions of a concealaholic, only been swatched, £8 (£1.50 postage) SOLD
Item 16: Bare Minerals mini kit and mini brushes in "fairly light", only tested once, foundation, concealer and mineral veil, £7 (£1.50 postage)
Item 17: Earthnicity minerals (like bare minerals) concealer, silk veil, chocolate eyeshadow, nude shimmer eyeshadow, tarnish eyeshadow, all sealed, £3 (£1.50 postage)

Item 18: Rimmel colour mousse shimmer eyeshadow, opened but never used, £2, (£1.50 postage)
Item 19: Clarins daily energiser wake up booster, usage as shown, £5 (£1.50 postage) SOLD
Item 20: Clarins daily energiser lotion, unused, £5 (£1.50 postage) SOLD
Item 21: Gosh eyeshadow in pink, unused, £1 (£1.50 postage)
Item 22: Barry M crackle effect nail paint in black, unopened, £1 (£1.50 postage)
Item 23: Plait headband in brown, excellent condition, 50p (£1.50 postage)

25 Jul 2011

Im not angry, I'm just disappointed....

I love Batiste dry shampoo - I literally use it every day, not because I don't wash my hair but because my hair is so fine that a spray of dry shampoo gives it a bit of texture and makes it a bit easier to work with - I even use it after I've just washed my hair too!
So imagine my excitement when they brought out the XXL volume dry shampoo....
I thought all my dreams had come true, with such fine hair I'm always looking for a product that will magically make my hair look full, so off I trotted with my hard earned £3 (ish).
Well, my bubble burst after a light spray on my freshly washed hair — it actually felt like I had just sprayed an entire can of hairspray on my head - it felt disgusting.
You may think I'm exaggerating but I had to wash my hair straight away just to get it out, because I literally could not even run a comb through it to style it.
I suppose if I'm honest it did look as though I had a bit more volume but the fact that my hair could not be moved after a light spray of this definitely put it in my 'do not buy again' category.
Thoroughly disappointed Batiste!!

Manths xx

Anyone else tried this and disagree with me?

20 Jul 2011

Lightening legs...

I did it! On Sunday I got my pink gear on and joined thousands of others in doing the Race for Life!
I managed to complete the 5km in 32 minutes - my best time ever! I'd ran 5km before on the flat and struggled towards the end, but at the actual race half of it was up hill, I didn't stop once and I did it in my record time! As you can probably guess I was very pleased with myself!
And not only that, I managed to raise nearly £350 for Cancer Research UK, which I am also very pleased about!

If you want to hear more about the day and see some more sweaty photos, visit my other blog Lost in the Woods
It's not too late to add to my sponsorship if you want to help beat cancer, just click here to go to my online sponsorship page!
Manths xx

13 Jul 2011

Smile, it's summer time...

As summer is officially upon us now (although looking out the window I would beg to differ), everyone's minds are filling up with plans of festivals and holidays, and while you may be thinking about the important things like what clothes to take, will all those shoes fit in that suitcase, and how on earth you are going to wittle down a draw full of make-up into one tiny little bag, the lovely people at Lush have made one aspect of packing that little bit easier.
If you are like me and don't want to fill your washbag with a large tube of toothpaste and those travel-size ones just don't seem to last long enough, then Lush has answered your problems with Toothy Tabs.
Lush says: 'Thousands of aluminum toothpaste tubes are thrown away and end up wallowing in landfill, which can easily be avoided by using Lush’s newest invention – Toothy Tabs!  A brand new, patented idea from LUSH, these solid tabs eradicate the need for both excess packaging and preservatives and come in a handy box made from recycled materials which is recyclable.  Each pack contains 40 tabs, enough for one month … depending on how often you brush your teeth of course!  You simply pop one in your mouth, crush it a little and continue to brush as normal with your toothbrush.'

Toothy Tabs have a mild base of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar, these are actually the ingredients of baking powder.  A gentle surfactant creates the foaming effect, which helps dissolve the bacterial build up on your teeth, that you can get rid of completely by brushing.  Sodium bicarbonate helps to thoroughly clean and whiten your teeth and the cream of tartar helps to make the solid form.  Dicalcium phosphate is included to help polish the teeth, glycerine acts as a humectant while saccharin sweetens. 

I was sent some of the Dirty Toothy Tabs to try (spearmint flavour) and was surprisingly impressed. They feel a bit weird at first, like foaming powder but once you start brushing they are actually very refreshing and do leave your teeth feeling clean. We know already that Bicarbonate of Soda can be used as an at home tooth whitener, so with continued use of the toothy tabs I would imagine you would see your teeth getting whiter.

There are five different flavours of Toothy Tabs and are a reasonable £2.50 for a pack of 40. Click here if you want to try them!

Has anyone tried these before? I'd love to know what you think of them!
Manths xx

12 Jul 2011

Branching out...

Yes I am expanding - If you want to get to know me as a person better hop on over to my personal blog Lost in the Woods where there will be pictures and gossip galore!
Come with me as I journey through life........
(For those of you who would rather not, I totally understand, and this blog won't be affected in the slightest)
Go on, do it, you know you want to...
Manths xx

8 Jul 2011

A day in the life...

(picture heavy)
Come with me on a journey into a typical day in my life - sounds exciting but I'm afraid it isn't really!

For me yesterday started like this.....

Got kicked out of my own bed by the boys...

So went for a run along the canal...

Sweaty picture (just to prove I had actually been running - 2.95 miles)

This is the amazing Tavistock Times paper that I work for...

This is the desk where the magic happens (if you look closely you can see how hard I am working....)

Bit blurry but one of the pieces I wrote in this week's paper (the opening of a mobility scooter hire shop - its exciting stuff)

Then everyone seemed to bugger off for the afternoon and I was left in charge (the incredibly messy office!)

Then my friend Joanne came to my house and cooked me dinner (Pasta bake yum!) and we indulged in a cheeky mid-week bottle of wine!

As I said, my typical day is not the most exciting but hope it gave you guys a bit more insight into my life!
What do you guys do on a typical day?

Manths xx
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