21 Jan 2011

Do it like a dude...

I'm sure you have all heard of Jessie J as she is making her way to the top in the UK at the mo, but I never realised what an AMAZING singer she was until my friend showed me a video of her sat in her room in her pyjamas singing! From her song 'Do it like a Dude' you can't really tell how talented she is but take a look at this....
(I hope this works it's my first attempt at up loading a video!)

On a similar note, I'm quite in love with Bruno Mars at the moment and who wouldn't be just look at him..

Mainly fell in love with him after watching the video for 'Grenade' - Bruno Mars if you're reading this (which is very likely haha) if you drag your piano all the way to my house wearing a suit like that - I definitely wouldn't turn you away!

Wishful thinking.....

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  1. i love Burno and all his song too.
    who doesn't right? lol

    anyways, great blogs u have here. stop by mine anytime :)

  2. I'm not a fan of Jessie J but judging by that video she has one hell of a voice, it's amazing! And I fell for Bruno Mars when I saw the video of grenade, it's so beautiful!


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