24 Feb 2011

Feeling blue...

Is it spring yet?? I'm bored of the cold and rain so thought I'd brighten myself up with some blue nails!!

This is Miss Sporty (I don't know the name of the colour I'm afraid! But its one of the clubbing colours)
I wasn't sure if blue suited me at first but I actually love how bright this is!
Anyone else tried this or know of any other bright colours for spring?
Bright and beautiful...

Manths xx


  1. Love the blue. It's almost neon ... I have a neon purple from Essie (which i love for every season) very suitble for spring. Perky Purple by Essie. I think it might be limited edition though because I haven't seen it since I bought it.

  2. I LOVE THIS COLOR!! My dress is kind of that color today!

  3. Love the color!



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