31 Aug 2011

Best thing for boredom......mental shoe shopping

I want these most of all......

Ah if only I could afford to buy all these beautiful shoes... if you are lucky enough to have lots of money to spend, you can get all of these shoes from ASOS  (and I will be incredibly jealous)

Manths xx

26 Aug 2011

sale, sale, sale!!

Reduced prices on everything in my blog sale, take a look by clicking on the page tab above!!

(Can you tell I'm desperately trying to flog this stuff?? I'm fed up of it clogging up my wardrobe so if you want something feel free to barter a price with me - you never know how lucky you may be!)

Manths xx

23 Aug 2011

Total dedication

I'm back from an immense weekend at V Festival, unfortunately I don't have many photos because I was being the paparazzi so there are only photos of the BF and my other friend which aren't too exciting! But I had to share this with you. I had to zoom in so the quality of the picture is not so great...
I loved this so much I had to take a photo - this woman deserves 10/10 for dedication - hair in rollers as we were queuing to get our wristbands.

Manths xx

18 Aug 2011

DIY Day!!

I'm always making new things out of old things and customising my clothing so I thought I would start a new series to share some of my DIY's with you. Feel free to have a go at any of them if you wish - send me some pictures or ideas — why buy when you can DIY???

I'm starting off with a pretty easy one, as long as you have some basic sewing skills you will be fine!!

DIY skirt out of trousers
You will need:

  • An old pair of trousers
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
Start by cutting the legs off your trousers - it doesn't have to be the length you want the skirt, you can adjust that later.

Then with your scissors or an unpicker, unpick the stitching from the inside leg to the crotch on both sides so you are left with a hole in the middle — essentially a skirt shape.

Then at the front of the skirt will be a triangle gap, so take a square of some of the excess leg material you cut off earlier and lay it underneath the gap and pin.

Then turn the skirt over and you will have a bit that sticks out like this..

Fold this down along the seam and pin like this...

At this point you should try the skirt on to make sure it fits properly. If it is too tight or too loose, adjust the V at the front moving it in or out and re-pinning. Once you are happy with the fit its time to get out your needle and thread of a similar colour. I always double over the thread so it is stronger...

You can use a sewing machine which would be much quicker but mine is packed away somewhere in my house and I couldn't be bothered to un-earth it!
Stitch along the pinned seams then put your skirt on and measure how long you want it. Cut at the desired length and voila!

I like my skirts a bit rough around the edges so I would stop here and let the hem fray, but if you like your skirts neat then simply turn the hem up and stitch.

Here are a couple others I have made over the years that I now live in...

Here my friend and I are both wearing DIY'd skirts made by me
Sorry, this was the only picture I could find where you could kind of see the skirt, I love this one, I have slashed it and frayed it to the max - my boyfriend says its indecent....

If you want to have a go at this, let me know how it goes!

There will be more DIYS each week, so keep an eye out!

Manths xx

17 Aug 2011

Just wanted to share...

I wanted to share my excitement with you guys - as a journalist I was trying a bit of freelance writing and have had one of my articles published in the south west free magazine 247.

Click here to read it if you want (once on the page you have to click on the virtual magazine towards the bottom and go to page 22) it's about 'extreme scootering' by the way - nothing fashion or beauty related I'm afraid but still worth a read I hope!

On a separate note, visit my other blog Lost in the Woods to see some snaps from my holiday to France!

Manths xx

5 Aug 2011

Fully fledged blondie...

Last night I took the leap from a dark blonde to a full head of blonde hair!
I went to the salon where I work on a Saturday, The Cutting Company (click on the name to visit the facebook page) and spent a couple of hours with my friend (and now personal hairdresser) Tash.
She transformed me from this....

To this....

I am very pleased with the turnout! Thanks Tash!! (sorry for the crappy photography)

Tash is a hairdresser in the making and has recently set up her own blog, where she will talk about all things hair related (with other things thrown in), hair up tutorials and document things she has learnt through her training.
This is Tash!

She is new to the blogging world so pop on over to Fashionista Head and show her some love!

Manths xx

3 Aug 2011

Festival Fashion Inspiration

Its only two weeks until I set off on a road trip to Stafford for V FESTIVAL!!! I'm so excited but this is my first ever festival and am struggling with what to pack!
I was thinking of dresses because they are small so don't take up too much room with my military boots, and maybe some cut-off shorts (which I will be making) and vest tops.
I know I'll only be there for four days but I always pack too much!!
Here are some of my desired festival looks, lovingly taken from weheartit.com
 (Hmm I wish!! haha)

Any tips, general ideas for what to take for a first timer? All help would be greatly appreciated!

Manths xx

2 Aug 2011

Lots to buy on my blog sale!

If you guys haven't already seen, I am having a blog sale with lots of stuff including a new Bareminerals mini set, Gosh eyeshadow and other make-up goodies, lots of hardly worn clothes and pretty shoes among many other things!!
I'm in need of holiday money, so click here to go to the blog sale and buy buy buy! Haha.

Manths xx
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