3 Aug 2011

Festival Fashion Inspiration

Its only two weeks until I set off on a road trip to Stafford for V FESTIVAL!!! I'm so excited but this is my first ever festival and am struggling with what to pack!
I was thinking of dresses because they are small so don't take up too much room with my military boots, and maybe some cut-off shorts (which I will be making) and vest tops.
I know I'll only be there for four days but I always pack too much!!
Here are some of my desired festival looks, lovingly taken from weheartit.com
 (Hmm I wish!! haha)

Any tips, general ideas for what to take for a first timer? All help would be greatly appreciated!

Manths xx


  1. I wish I was going to a festival this year, basically just because I love the style and want to wear the clothes hehe. Looks great, bet you have a fab time xx

  2. Hey sam!! As many bangles, friendship bracelets and cuff as you can fit!! Oh and you cud try the multicolored fingernail an toenail look, very summery and fun!! P.S thanks for giving me my first comment!! X

  3. I love all these looks, and I also wish I had a stomach that looked like that!! I havent done a festival yet so cant offer any tips im afraid, cant wait to hear how it goes! Thanks for the comment on my post, dont know how i managed to get it, I emailed them months ago but never got a reply then they rang me out of the blue, very lucky! love your blog by the way! :) Abi xx

    After making the mistake TWO YEARS in a row of overpacking, and having to do with the spine killing walk to set up camp, I would fully recommend packing as lightly as you can!
    One pair of shorts will do you, just mix it up with a few different tops.
    A hoody/mac is essential, as are wellies (though fingers crossed we don't have a Glasto shower!)
    Even though festivals have become somewhat of a fashion show at the end of the day it's all about the music, so focus on that and just channel the 'effortless grunge' look - aka grubby but having an awesome time :) x

  5. for fashion lovers:
    love the blog!
    please comment and follow....
    thanks xx.


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