23 Feb 2011

30 day shred: update

I am on day 8 of the 30 day shred (you can read my original post about it here)
I am still on level one because I wanted to do ten days of each level to make up the 30 days but apparently you can move up levels once you find the level your doing gets too easy for you (I'm just sticking with the ten days each).
The first few days were agony!! The first time I did the 20 minute workout I didn't think it was too bad (apart from the press-ups which, even 8 days later I still can't do very well) but I woke up the next morning in so much pain!!! and then you've got to have really good will power to do it again even though your muscles hurt.
So I couldn't really walk for a few days but still did the workout everyday, then I took a day off on Sunday because I was busy at a wedding fayre all day so didn't have time and also had the day off on Monday because I was tired but I think my muscles thanked me for the short break!
Anyway 8 days into the shred and I already feel fitter - I think my muscles look a bit more defined (but it could just be psychological!)
I weighed myself on the machine at Boots this morning and this is what it said:

Weight: 9st 6lb (60.3kg) - down two pounds!!! (may not sound a lot but my weight has stayed the same for ages now so the change is a good step in the right direction, and its only been 8 days)

Height: 5ft 2.2inch  (this is my ACTUAL height - I took my shoes off!!)

BMI: 24.2 (so this is my ACTUAL BMI)

Body Fat: 25.9% - was 26.9% so down quite a bit yay! (very very nearly in the Good range which is 25.7%)

So I am quite pleased with myself so far!

Manths xx

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  1. I've heard the 30 day shred is an absolute nightmare so well done :D i'm thinking of giving it a go now! xxx


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