28 Nov 2012

DIY Inspiration

I've come across all creative this season — whether its the prospect of currently buying a new house and thinking of things I could make to put in it, or whether its having no money left after buying a house to buy new clothes with and so reworking what I've got — I seem to have ideas of creative projects brimming in my head.
I have a few projects up my sleeve which I will share in due course, but in the mean time, let me share with you some DIY inspiration to get your creative juices flowing too.

21 Nov 2012

Chloe Green does it again

Her last collection of shoes featuring chunky platforms and her signature mint green sole were a hit with fashionistas, and now Chloe Green, daughter of Arcadia Tycoon Phillip Green, has done it again.
Her second collection for Topshop boasts chunky boots, studs and lace detailing and dainty flats.
The collection ranges in price from £75 up to £195.

(Photo source Dailymail.co.uk)

Some of my favourite styles include:
Ankle boots £165

Stud Venom Courts £130

Stud Lightning Platform Sandals £130

Lace Wing Ankle Boots £175 (also available in courts)

Winters Knight Wedge Boots £195
(Images from topshop.com)

You can browse the whole collection on the  Topshop website. Which ones would you pick?

Manths xx

12 Oct 2012

Cosmopolitan gets curvaceous

Top marks go to Cosmopolitan (Australia) for next month's issue, featuring a shoot with plus size gorgeous model Robin Lawley.
Other magazines have done shoots with plus size models before, I know, BUT this shoot has not been ridiculously airbrushed so that she doesn't look like a normal person, she hasn't had various body parts hidden with objects and she is not covered up in copious amounts of clothing.
Nope, 6ft 2 and UK size 16 Robin is being embraced in all her glory in a body-baring bikini shoot.
After landing a major contract as the first plus-size model for Ralph Lauren last month, Robin is pictured lazing on a sunny beach modelling an array of pretty printed bikinis for the magazine's November issue. And she looks fantastic.

So come on Cosmo UK, it's time to follow suit!

Manths xx

8 Aug 2012

Lately in photos . . .


and again

doggy walking

the other BFFs

My friends new puppy

Random nights out

Just to prove I am still alive. . . 
(sorry about the recent lack of posts)
Manths xx

8 Jun 2012

Yay or nay: High waisted bikinis

Bikinis have been given a retro make-over recently and high waisted styles seem to be popping up everywhere.
Gone are the itsy-bitsy, bare-all bikinis — high waisted may not be the best for tanning but they bring a touch of glamour to the pool side. Perfect for the more curvy of us who don't feel comfortable having a piece of string to hold all our bits in place, but taking the step to a full body swimsuit seems a bit too mature — these bikinis help to hide lumps and bumps while still looking stylish.
I will definitely be purchasing one of these babies when I next go on holiday...
The icon wearing hers (google)

(images from weheartit.com)

So what do you guys think of high waisted bikinis — yay or nay?
Manths xx

10 May 2012

Outfit inspiration: brighten me up...

A bit of outfit inspiration for the weekend - The weather may be miserable but that doesn't mean your outfits have to be.
Bring a bit of sunshine into your day with a pop of colour...

(images via Weheartit.com)
What will you wear to brighten up your weekend?

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