14 Nov 2011


Just noticed I have been passed on an award from lovely Natasha at Silhouette Skies — thank you very much!!

As you can see it is a tell me about yourself award so I am going to have to think of seven facts you may not know about me.....hmmm.....
1, I live in a tiny little town in Devon (UK) called Tavistock which is filled with old people and is the hometown of Sir Francis Drake.
2, I have slight OCD about food - e.g different foods on my plate CANNOT be touching each other and I eat things in a certain order (weird I know).
3, On a similar note I have a bit of OCD about my bed - the duvet has to neat and over all corners at all times (my boyfriend really hates this)
4, I am a reporter on the local newspaper.
5, I am short - 5ft 2 and a half to be exact - my boyfriend is a whole foot and 2 inches taller than me!
6, I lived in New Zealand for a few years when I was younger.
7, My dream is to own a pair of Christian Louboutin's.

Now to pass this on to 15 bloggers: Steffani-Louise, Mo, Rachel, Halima, Lo Marie, Mercedes, Pebbz, Princess and the Pea, Twiggs, Rach, Jade, The Button Box, Kate, CXy and Where are My Knees?

Check all these lovely ladies out, they make up my daily reading!!

Manths xx


  1. Oh wow thanks for the award lovely! :) I like the sound of your little town, is it good for charity shopping? :p xx

  2. I just want to thank you :) you're too cute, and your posts on my blog make me smile, so again thanks :) Lo xx
    (lomryy.blogspot.com x

  3. congrats on the award and don't worry about your height - your Louboutins will add on a few inches!! :P Xx

  4. ooo thanks for this lovely... i know the feeling of being short compared to boyfriend... i am 5ft 5 and he is 6ft 4 :O haha xx

  5. Awww..thank you for this! :)
    2 and 3 are funny ....I too have OCD about weird things like that.
    Have a fabbbbb week!

  6. aww thank you so much lovely :) yayyy xxx

  7. Congrats. I hope you get your hands on a pair of gorgeous Louboutins like the ones in your previous post soon. It's so my dream too.

  8. Awww thank you for this lovely!! so sweet of you. I'll need to remeber and pass it on in my next post. And check out your recomendations as I don't recognise a few. xx

  9. Congratulations :)

    take care

  10. Hey,

    Just recieved my giveaway prize!! Thank you so much, I love it! Very kind of you too. I'm off to Paris this weekend but will blog about it early next week.

    Thanks, xx


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