25 Jul 2011

Im not angry, I'm just disappointed....

I love Batiste dry shampoo - I literally use it every day, not because I don't wash my hair but because my hair is so fine that a spray of dry shampoo gives it a bit of texture and makes it a bit easier to work with - I even use it after I've just washed my hair too!
So imagine my excitement when they brought out the XXL volume dry shampoo....
I thought all my dreams had come true, with such fine hair I'm always looking for a product that will magically make my hair look full, so off I trotted with my hard earned £3 (ish).
Well, my bubble burst after a light spray on my freshly washed hair — it actually felt like I had just sprayed an entire can of hairspray on my head - it felt disgusting.
You may think I'm exaggerating but I had to wash my hair straight away just to get it out, because I literally could not even run a comb through it to style it.
I suppose if I'm honest it did look as though I had a bit more volume but the fact that my hair could not be moved after a light spray of this definitely put it in my 'do not buy again' category.
Thoroughly disappointed Batiste!!

Manths xx

Anyone else tried this and disagree with me?


  1. Eeek oh dear! I've only tried the standard one once, this sounds like it's defo a little OTT!! xx

  2. Thank you! someone else who doesnt bum this stuff.

    Helen, X

  3. oh! my that is very terrible i hope you were able to return it!

  4. Too bad you didn't like this product, but I'm really glad you wrote the review because I was thinking of buying it! Love the other Batiste dry shampoos though, they work amazingly :)


  5. I havn't tried this kind, but was tempted so thanks for pointing that out! I tried the blonde one and didn't like it much either - if they think gold glitter makes your hair look blonder, I'd rather just leave it thanks!
    Thanks for your comment, made me laugh!! xx

  6. I completely agree!
    It DOES boost volume, but does so by matting your hair into one big clump!


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