28 Feb 2011

Healthy mix foundation

On a dreary wet day last week I popped into my local Superdrug to cheer myself up (buying makeup always makes me happy).
I'm finding it incredibly hard to find a foundation that I like at the moment because my skin seems to keep changing from dry to oily from day to day. With this in mind I headed to the makeup section and covered my hands in various swatches of foundations (my hands were a lovely shade of yellow when I had finished!).
I decided on Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation mainly because it smelled AMAZING (like apricots) and it was the only foundation that matched my colouring so I bought it.
It was £9.99 which is more than I would normally spend (bad I know) but it is a reasonable sized bottle.

The Superdrug store in my town is quite small so there were only three shades to choose from 51, 52 or 53. To be honest they were all very similar so I went for the middle shade. I am actually really impressed by the colour of this foundation - usually foundations make me look slightly yellowy or they are either too pale or too dark. This colour matches my skin perfectly, I don't even need to do too much blending into my neck and chest like I normally do.
The finish is described as semi-matte - I think I would have preferred it to be a bit more dewy looking but it isn't too drying on my face (as I said before my face is being weird at the moment so I can't really tell what the finish is supposed to be like!)
Anyway here is a bad pic but you can see my (pale) face!

I'm quite pleased with the even look it gives me, just need some sunshine to give me some colour! haha.

(This next one is just to show off my sparkly phone case really!)

Can anyone recommend any good foundations that aren't too expensive?

pale and pasty....

Manths xxx

24 Feb 2011

Feeling blue...

Is it spring yet?? I'm bored of the cold and rain so thought I'd brighten myself up with some blue nails!!

This is Miss Sporty (I don't know the name of the colour I'm afraid! But its one of the clubbing colours)
I wasn't sure if blue suited me at first but I actually love how bright this is!
Anyone else tried this or know of any other bright colours for spring?
Bright and beautiful...

Manths xx

23 Feb 2011

Hearty pancakes...

I know its a bit late for pancake day but I thought I'd make pancakes while the boyfriend was watching the football - cute eh? (my mum bought me the frying pan!) it's possibly the best thing you could have in your kitchen!!
Pretty pancakes....

Manths xx

30 day shred: update

I am on day 8 of the 30 day shred (you can read my original post about it here)
I am still on level one because I wanted to do ten days of each level to make up the 30 days but apparently you can move up levels once you find the level your doing gets too easy for you (I'm just sticking with the ten days each).
The first few days were agony!! The first time I did the 20 minute workout I didn't think it was too bad (apart from the press-ups which, even 8 days later I still can't do very well) but I woke up the next morning in so much pain!!! and then you've got to have really good will power to do it again even though your muscles hurt.
So I couldn't really walk for a few days but still did the workout everyday, then I took a day off on Sunday because I was busy at a wedding fayre all day so didn't have time and also had the day off on Monday because I was tired but I think my muscles thanked me for the short break!
Anyway 8 days into the shred and I already feel fitter - I think my muscles look a bit more defined (but it could just be psychological!)
I weighed myself on the machine at Boots this morning and this is what it said:

Weight: 9st 6lb (60.3kg) - down two pounds!!! (may not sound a lot but my weight has stayed the same for ages now so the change is a good step in the right direction, and its only been 8 days)

Height: 5ft 2.2inch  (this is my ACTUAL height - I took my shoes off!!)

BMI: 24.2 (so this is my ACTUAL BMI)

Body Fat: 25.9% - was 26.9% so down quite a bit yay! (very very nearly in the Good range which is 25.7%)

So I am quite pleased with myself so far!

Manths xx

17 Feb 2011

Hair today......

.... hopefully not gone tomorrow!

I'm so excited today because I am (finally) getting more highlights in my hair - it has been months and months since my last highlights and the top of the highlights are nearly down to my ears!! ( I can finally see what my natural hair colour is after years and years of dying - I can tell you it is a lovely shade of....bleurgh). You know the colour, what people call dull mousy brown - its just a boring, bleurgh colour.
The reason it has got this bad is the same old money problems we are all experiencing at the moment — either not eat for two weeks and spend £60/£70 on hair or just put up with it.
BUT a wonderful woman has come to my rescue, her name is Tash she is my friend's brother's girlfriend and she is training to be a hair dresser and said she would give me highlights in exchange for sharing a bottle of wine - not a bad price at all!

A few pics to show you what I am eventually aiming for....


Yes I know I'm sorry another picture of Kesha but this is exactly how I would love my hair! As you can probably see I want big wavy hair as well but unfortunately my very thin poker straight hair will not allow it!!

Happy hair days......

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16 Feb 2011

Beyoncé - ultimate style icon.....

 I fricking love her!!!

 (Images from Dailymail.co.uk)
I am in total awe of this woman - here she is just shopping in Hollywood after the Grammys as you do in your six inch Christian Laboutins and LBD!
God damn! Loving the new blonde bombshell look as well!

Beyoncé Knowles I salute you .......

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14 Feb 2011

Look what I found in the post....

I've heard a few people on the blogging circuit talk about Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and I thought it sounded intriguing (and do-able) so onto Amazon I ventured and bought it brand-new for £4.99 (postage was free).

The DVD contains 3 workout levels increasing in intensity. Each workout is only 20minutes long (so easy to fit in during your day) which contains: • 2 minute warm up • Three 6 minute circuits featuring 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs • 2 minute cool down
The idea is that you do the workouts everyday for 30-days and you should be fitter and look better. You start on level one and once that workout becomes easier to do, you move up a level and so on.
Today was my first day of the 30-day shred and I didn't find it as hard as I thought I might (but I have been going to the gym)
I went for a 2mile run then came home, put the dinner in the oven, did the 20-minute workout and by the time I cooled down, dinner was ready!
After doing the workout I could definitely feel that my muscles had worked hard (even for only 20minutes) I think my muscles are going to hurt in the morning!!!
Anyway thought Id do some before and after pics to show you the difference (if there will be any!)

*embarrassing photos alert*

(excuse the extremely messy room)
I am going to try to do this everyday for 30days probably in the mornings before work. Just to let you know I will be going to the gym as usual aswell - every little helps!
Has anyone else tried this DVD and had results?

Wish me luck!

11 Feb 2011

Currently lusting after......

• Suspender tights

• Christian Laboutin shoes

• The summer (hurry up!!!!!) and obviously to go with the summer I want.......

• A bikini body and golden tan

• Long blonde messy hair 
(All photos lovingly taken off Google)

Also as I was looking for photos I found an outfit which is very me and I want it.....

Sorry for all the pics of Kesha ( I don't actually really like her I just love her hair - and this outfit! haha).

Have a good weekend lovelies!

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10 Feb 2011

Gym update!

 (Google image)

I know I haven't blogged about the gym since I said it was going to be my New Years Resolution to get fit but that doesn't mean I haven't been going! (I just don't want to bore you all too much!)
At the moment I've been going to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and the occasional Saturday when I can be bothered.
I think its paying off, not too much of a difference yet but I'm feeling better - which is the main thing!
As I don't have scales at home I'm trying to stay consistent and weigh myself at the robot-looking machine at Boots. My original plan was to do it every Monday morning but I think that is too often and I won't see much of a difference so I'm just going to do it when I remember basically!
I went this morning on my way to work but today's stats aren't that precise because I had heeled boots on which made me taller resulting in my BMI being lower than it actually is, and probably made me a little bit heavier than I am — every little helps ;)
So here it is:

Weight - 9st 8lbs (exactly the same)
Body Fat - 26.2 % (down 0.7%)
I wont put the BMI because its irrelevant!

I know there isn't much change but I'm quite pleased as long the the numbers aren't going up!! haha.
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8 Feb 2011

Quest for the Best: Nail Hardener 2

If you have read my earlier posts you will know that I have extremely weak nails and I am constantly on the look out for a nail hardener that actually works. (You can read my previous post here).
Product number two that was given a run for its money was Maybelline's Salon Manicure Calcium Strengthener which promises to 'reinforce soft fragile nails and is enriched with calcium fluoride'.
Because my nails are weak, they bend, causing my nail varnish to chip off, so my test for strength is to see how long my nail varnish stays intact for. 
I used Maybelline's Salon Manicure Calcium Strengthener as a base coat and a top coat along with two coats of 17 Lasting Fix nail polish in smoke signal.
After three days my nails looked like this......

As you can see the tips of my nail colour have chipped (due to tapping away on a keyboard everyday). 
My nails don't feel that strong when I have the Calcium Strengthener on and I can still bend them easily. I'm sure if you used it repeatedly over a length of time it may strengthen your nails but for the time being I'm sticking with Barry M's 3 in 1 basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener. I know chips started to appear with Barry M after three days, but only very slightly and not to the extent as shown above. My nails also felt a lot stronger with Barry M so until I find something better, Im sticking with it.
Has anyone used the Maybelline Calcium Strengthener and disagree with my opinion? I'd love to know what other people think.

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3 Feb 2011

Wow! What a great giveaway.....

For those of you who don't follow Brittany's blog Brittany Love (Which you really should - she's very cool), you probably don't know that she is doing a MASSIVE valentine's day give-away of lots of amazing goodies.
With nearly £100 worth of make-up, including Bourjois, Urban Decay, Collection 2000, Colour Works and more you should really head over there and take a look (just click on the blog name above).
Bye for now (I promise I will be back with a proper post soon)

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