31 Oct 2011

Lush is for life, not just for Halloween... (anyone for a giveaway?)

... At least these Skullduggery Bath Ballistics should be.

I am a sucker for anything with a skull on it and now I can take my obsession to the bath tub.
These bath bombs smell incredible - with lime, neroli and frankincense - relaxing in a warm aromatic bath tub and ignoring those pesky trick or treaters knocking on my door is definitely the perfect way to spend All Hallow's Eve.
What Lush say: 'Don't be deceived by this handsome fellow. Our homage to Mexican 'Sugar Skulls' are not delicious candy treats - they're fizzy, uplifting bath ballistics! Skullduggery is an eerie but magical celebration for your bathtub.'
And indeed they are, I just hope Lush continue to sell these past Halloween because at £2.75, these cheeky skulls could definitely become part of my weekly pampering session.
(The boyfriend even said it smelt really nice!)
For one of you lucky readers I will be giving away a Skullduggery Bath Ballistic!!
All you have to do is 1) Be a follower of my blog.
2) Comment below with your email adress.
This giveaway is open to all readers and will close at lunchtime on Friday November 4. Only one entry per person.
I will be going old school and picking the names out of a hat and the winner will be informed by email. (I will also name the winner on here!)
For those of you who don't win, pop into your local Lush to pick up one of these babies or check out what other goodies they have on offer online at www.lush.co.uk
(Warning, this could be bad for your bank balance - but totally worth it!) Good luck!
Manths x

14 Oct 2011

Today is pay day which means.....

a mental shopping list of things I am considering buying!!

Just a few things I am lusting after at the moment! All these items are from Owntherunway.com
which has a lot of on trend items of clothing for decent prices. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first look on the website the other day. 
As you can see from above, pictures of various members of the Saturday's wearing their clothing pop up every now and then on the website - the Saturday's are quite stylish ladies so it can't be a bad thing!
I'm off to spend, spend, spend...who's with me??

Manths xx

13 Oct 2011


Well, what a surprise I had when I checked my blog this morning.... the beautiful Twiggs from Slightly Oblivious to the Obvious gave me my first ever blog award!!

The Liebster blog is to recognise blogs with under 200 followers and I'm so grateful for this - thank you Twiggs!! You should definitely check out her blog!!

And now to award it to five more lovely bloggers who deserve some recognition...

Jenn at Lotus and Pie (for yummy recipes and fitness inspiration)

Zhing at Little Projects in Style (for her projects the letters from her cute little doggie Musashi)

Natasha Marie at My Makeup. My Photography. My Dreams. My Thoughts. (awesome photos and make up)

Pebbz at Pebbzblog (regular pinner on pinterest)


Krystle at Skinny Jeans Dreams (follow her on her journey into skinny jeans)

You should check out all these lovely ladies they keep me amused every day!!!

P.s check out my other blog Lost in the Woods for my personal journey through life!

6 Oct 2011

Rock the ring

I saw this picture of Krystal Glynn on Maria's blog Coffee, Fashion and Magazines and think she is absolutely beautiful.
But what mostly caught my eye was her nose ring. She can rock the nose ring without looking like a punk wanna-be and I love it!
Now I'm thinking I want a small nose ring instead of my crystal stud at the moment, but not sure if I'll be able to pull it off without all my friends thinking I'm going to start wearing tartan and sticking safety pins in my ears a lá Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols.........
Hmmm..... what do you reckon?

Manths xx
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