29 Mar 2011

A glimpse at my weekend...

Bunch of posers I know! Haha.
Manths xx

24 Mar 2011

Have you met my friend Jo?

Jo and me

This is Jo (she's not blonde anymore though) and she has just joined the blogging world! 
If your into music and art then her blog  Strings, Beats and Painting Faces  is the place to go. 
She is an avid portrait painter and music enthusiast, and plays the guitar and sings.
Her blog is a place for gig reviews, sharing new music and upcoming bands and a platform to show off her artwork.
So pop on over and say hello by clicking HERE, go on..... do it! 

Manths xx

23 Mar 2011


Yeah I know, title change AGAIN, sorry guys! Once I've found one I really like I'll stick to it - I promise!
The title is from a song I'm loving at the moment...... any guesses?

Manths xx

17 Mar 2011

A little bit quirky...

Are you a lover of food but make a conscious effort to look the other way when walking past the bakery or sweet shop? If so, you'll be pleased to know there is a guilt-free way to enjoy your favourite foods (and look good while doing it).
Online jewellery boutique Hannah Zakari allows you to indulge yourself, but not your waistline....


There are many more sweet (and savoury) jewellery designs to choose from.
If these are too quirky, then fear not, there are lots more lovely designs to suit every taste...

Prices for these pieces range from an affordable £7 to a more budget busting £200 but it is well-worth taking a look and see if anything takes your fancy. Click here to visit the site.

Happy browsing....

Manths xx

Did I really just spend that much on make-up??

£45 to be exact.
Well, no not technically. I definitely could not justify spending that much money on two (yes only two) bits of makeup.
I had a Debenhams voucher for Christmas but hadn't got round to spending it, and seeing as none of the clothes on the website took my fancy, I saw it as a chance to treat my face to some expensive slap that I would otherwise never allow myself to buy.
I hear people raving about Benefit all the time and have only tried my friends High Beam highlighter before so browsing through the products, this little beauty caught my eye....
Benefit's Confessions of a Concealaholic (which is exactly what I am).
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with constantly trying to cover up my dark circles and as of yet have not found anything that really does the trick.
Now I am a beauty on a budget girl so it is drugstore brands that fill my make-up bag and at £28.50 this will be the most expensive piece of make-up I own. But I feel that I will be able to test the theory of more money = better quality...... I'm still sceptical but we'll have to wait and see.
I chose this set because it has little bits of all the Benefit concealers so rather than forking out £20 for one  item (which may not work), I decided for an extra £8 I could test them all.

My next purchase, I've heard a lot of hype about in the blogging world, so I thought I would give it a try.
Bare Minerals foundation. I chose a six-piece starter kit to see how I like it.....

This set is only £15 which I thought wasn't too bad seeing as one normal size pot of foundation is over £20. I like the idea of mineral foundation but am intrigued as to how much coverage just powder can really give without making me look cakey.

I'm secretly hoping I don't like these products because if I do I could find myself broke at the end of every month....

Manths xx

13 Mar 2011

Birds nest hair

I recently started a job on Saturdays working as a receptionist at a hairdressers to help boost my monthly pay packet (during the week I work as a journalist for a town newspaper).
I'm really enjoying working at the salon it has a great atmosphere and I'm picking up lots of tips and tricks by watching the hairdressers at work!
When I got to the salon yesterday, the owner Jayne said she'd put my hair up - as the receptionist I am the first person people see when they walk in the salon which makes me the perfect advertisement for hair-ups!!
She made it big and crazy - a funky birds nest look.....

It isn't something I'd normally wear but i really liked it!
What do you think??
If you want to check out the salon, you can visit their facebook page by typing 'Cutting Company' into the search bar!

Big hairy birds nests...

Manths xx

7 Mar 2011

Never without.....Nivea

Nivea was always a cream that my grandma used so it reminds me of old ladies and holidays in Spain (where my grandma lived).

BUT I have found a recent love for it thanks to a friend of mine.

I always have incredibly dry lips and normal lip balm does nothing for me apart from coat my lips in a load of gunk that can't be absorbed - therefore not providing any moisture!
So I was coating my lips in my normal face moisturiser when i was at home but obviously a tub of moisturiser is a bit bulky to carry around in your bag!!
I noticed the other day that my friend had a small tub of nivea that she was using so i popped straight off to the shop and bought myself one!

It's about the same size as the small tins of vaseline you can get but double the depth - plenty of cream to keep you going for a while, and doesn't take up much room in your bag!
It has been my saviour for the last couple of weeks, not only for my dry lips but I have been battling with a cold and my constant nose-blowing has left me with a dry, red, flaky nose so I have been generously applying the Nivea Creme which has helped to soothe it!
(It's also good for spots when they get to that dry stage that looks horrible - especially with makeup on top! Moisturises them nicely!)
I suggest you go out and get yourselves some!!

Old lady nostalgia......

Manths xx

4 Mar 2011

V Festival!!

As some of you may (or may not) know the tickets went on sale for V Festival at 9am this morning!
So off to work I went (early so I could situate myself at my computer without any disruptions - pretending to be working - at exactly 9am) and refreshed the site so many times I think the button wore out!
I also left the boyfriend at home on his laptop and my laptop AND his phone, and had my friend at work on his computer all trying to get tickets.
After a lot of queuing on various sites I managed to get through and had just finished typing my details when it told me the tickets had sold out while I was putting my info in!! *sooo frustrating*
Anyway, I continued refreshing and finally got through again and typed my details so fast I think steam was coming off my keyboard! haha. But all the queuing was worth it because.....
I've never been to a festival before and really wanted to for ages so you cannot imagine how excited I am!!

Anyone else manage to get tickets??

Love from a very excited
Manths xx
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