19 Apr 2011

Bloody loving this weather....

Warning.... picture heavy.... just a quick update in pictures of what I have been up to besides moving house (where I currently have no internet - hence the lack of posts recently)

Getting toasted at the point to point (horse racing) - note the sunburn kicking in....

When my internet is up and running I will be posting my giveaway...... so keep coming back!!

Manths xx


  1. I am bloddy loving this weather too. Love your polka dot dress. look forward to you having the internet back for more posts. xx

  2. I don't want this weather to ever go away! Your polka dot dress is lush xx

  3. ah thanks guys, the dress is from Dorothy Perkins - the Purple range!

  4. Loving the dress too and love them earrings in the first piccy :)
    Can't wait till your internet is up and running again xx

  5. Love the dress too :) The weather has been seriously gorgeous! Eek, hope you get the internet sorted. x

  6. You look gorgeous, cute dress!

    Thanks so much for the comment on the dress, the back has like a pannel down the back and blocked on the bum part like the front.

    You would look amaze in this dress!!


  7. haha thank you for the comment, it made me laugh. I know, how ridiculous that I have never been. You should def get a bike, I'll let you know how I get on but if I can do it, anyone can!hope you have an amazing bank hol. xx

  8. the weather is just amazing! it better keep up, i've so much summer clothes to go through! xx

  9. Wow. cool blog you have here :)
    I am follow you now, do you want to follow my?

    - and there is a give away on my blog, check it out here, please.


  10. what a cute dress. The pictures looks like you had fun.. Great blog!! Follow you now. If you have a minute (and your internet is running again..)visit my blog and follow too if you like what you see...
    x milla

  11. we love the dresses too! we have a sister that looks a bit like you and would look great in what you wear. don't think we get anything like that here in new zealand though but we will be following your beaut blog from over here!!


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