13 Mar 2011

Birds nest hair

I recently started a job on Saturdays working as a receptionist at a hairdressers to help boost my monthly pay packet (during the week I work as a journalist for a town newspaper).
I'm really enjoying working at the salon it has a great atmosphere and I'm picking up lots of tips and tricks by watching the hairdressers at work!
When I got to the salon yesterday, the owner Jayne said she'd put my hair up - as the receptionist I am the first person people see when they walk in the salon which makes me the perfect advertisement for hair-ups!!
She made it big and crazy - a funky birds nest look.....

It isn't something I'd normally wear but i really liked it!
What do you think??
If you want to check out the salon, you can visit their facebook page by typing 'Cutting Company' into the search bar!

Big hairy birds nests...

Manths xx


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