27 Apr 2011

Hi my name is Sam and I'm a sun-aholic...

It's true.... every time the sun comes out I find any excuse I can to go outside and bake in it.
I've always known it is bad for me but always thought my young skin could handle it. Now I'm getting older though *sigh* I'm realising that all this sun-worshipping is catching up with me. And unfortunately with cancer having affected quite a few of my family members, I have now become some-what paranoid about the affect the sun is having on me.
We all know that the sun is a good source of vitamin D but we also know that over exposure to UV radiation from the sun can cause DNA damage within the skin, leading to the development of skin cancer — and sunburn increases this risk even more (not to mention making the skin age faster with wrinkles and sun spots). But even knowing this, we all seem to conveniently forget about it when the sun finally comes out after a long winter of rain.
I have never really been one to fake it before, mainly because I'm scared of looking like this

but with all this worrying about the affects of sun exposure, and now I am working six days a week so don't get much of a chance to get out in the sunshine, I finally decided it was time to delve into the phenomenon of the fake tan.
And what a world it is.... the shops are over-run with different brands all jumping on the tanning bandwagon.
After trying a few varieties I have managed to find a few that have impressed me — judging on colour, smell, drying time and streakiness. So without further a-do, I give you...


In at number 4 is Garnier Summer Body

This is a gradual tanning moisturiser - although for my pale skin I only need one application to see an effect. The colour is quite natural, and gives your skin a golden tinge to it (not at all orange). The downside to this one is that the moisturiser is quite greasy. I usually put it on after an evening shower and let it sink in but am left feeling like it hasn't sunk in at all - even the next morning. The smell also lets this product down a bit, with a lovely apricot smell to start with but soon turning to that tell-tale biscuit smell which is incredibly hard to get rid of even after a shower.
But these are all small sacrifices when you see the size of the bottle. Usually priced at around £5 you do get a lot for your money AND at the moment it is on offer at Superdrug for just £2.53.

At number 3 is L'Oréal Nutrisummer

A bit more expensive and less for your money, but still a good'un. Nutrisummer is not as greasy as Garnier but still a bit too greasy for me to wear during the day. The colour of this one is quite subtle so you would need to put it on everyday to see a result but again the colour is golden (can you tell I'm scared of looking orange?)
There is also still a biscuit smell but not quite so strong as the Summerbody.
This one is priced at £7.14, and again is available at Superdrug.

Standing at second place is not a gradual tan but one for those of you that want a tan in one application - L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel

This is a really good self tan if you're after a quickish bit of colour. As the bottle says, this is a non-greasy gel formula. As with all self-tans it is best to apply this with a tanning mitt to avoid tell-tale tan hands, but the gel feels velvety on the skin and dries completely after a short while.
This particular tan has a smoothing affect that actually works! I usually have quite bobbly arms but this makes them feel like I have had intensive exfoliating session.
You only need to use this sparingly to get a good golden colour (and make sure you pre-moisturise ankles, knees and elbows) — a bottle goes a long way.
Available at Superdrug for £12.49.

At number one is my most recent find and my favourite by far (I am actually in love with this one) St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan

When you think of fake tan, St Tropez is likely to be the first brand to spring into mind. They have now jumped on the gradual tanning bandwagon and brought out this baby. This moisturiser smells amazingly perfume-y and it is this smell that lasts - no biscuit smell in sight. It dries quickly and leaves skin feeling soft.
The colour is the best of the bunch - making you look like you have been sat out in the sun. It says everyday on the bottle but every other day seems to be working for me at the moment.
It is a bit pricey at £13.79 (available here) but I believe it is worth it and I will definitely be returning to buy some more when mine runs out!

Join me on my Sun Strike and lets live long and be bronzed!!

Manths xx


  1. I feel much the same- I'd never used fake tan up til about 2 years ago, when I used the l'Oreal Nutrisummer which wasn't bad though yes, a bit greasy!
    Thank you for your lovely comment by the way. My mum is still awaiting some test results so I have my fingers firmly crossed. xx

  2. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance, could you check out mine and tell me your opinions? I would love to see what you think! :)

    follow me?

  3. i agree with you!i'm sunaholic too:)great post and nice nice blog!Would you come and follow mine if u like it??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u kiss from Milan!


  4. Love your blog! Im your newest follower. Follow me too? <3

  5. Hey I am a new follower! Your blog is adorable! Come follow me as well? I am new!


  6. love get tan! but I hate being an orange because of the Self Tanning :)
    follow you!

  7. I have never used fake tan or a sunbed as I'm generally not bothered about how pale I look. I do try to apply suncream when I'm out in the sunshine.

  8. Just found your blog and I totally agree with you about the Loreal tanning gel. I can't believe how smooth it makes my skin the day I use it. I wish they made a regular lotion gel like that without tanner.
    Great post. Following you now

  9. Hey hun, thanks for your lovely comment on my little blog. I bought the dress from Zara last year.

    Fab post hun xoxo

  10. I am naturally tan but my pale sister will surely find this post helpful!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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