2 Jun 2011

Times are a-changing - Normal sized models on vogue cover!!

At least I hope times are changing.
This is the front cover of Italian Vogue's July issue (Courtesy of Dailymail.co.uk) featuring 'plus -size' models (average size to us normal folk)!
It's editor Franca Sozzani's continuing campaign against pro-anorexia websites and I think it's brilliant.
They are not half-hidden, covered up or made to look smaller than they are but are flaunting what they've got in sexy underwear.
Franca Sozzani I salute you! Keep up the good work!

What do you guys think?

Manths xx


  1. Definitely a refreshing change!
    If only more editors had the balls she does to step out of the archaic conventions of stick think cover models!


  2. I absolutely love this cover; the image is just so gorgeous and more bold decisions like this need to be taken in the fashion industry to become more encompassing. x


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