2 Jun 2011

Blog challenge 29 - favourite pair of shoes

This was a hard one for me - I LOVE shoes!!

This is my collection (not all of them, some more are scattered around the house!)
So this was a very difficult dicision for me! But I think my favourite shoes to look at are these...

My Irregular Choice shoes - they are beautiful but are ultimate toe squishers so unfortunately I never wear them!
Even the soles were pretty (before I wore them out and scratched the bottoms)

You can almost see what it was - looks kind of like a scene out of Noddy!

My favourite shoes to wear though (and ones I wear almost everytime I go out at the moment) are these...

Perfect for summer I think and apparently nude shoes make your legs look longer (At 5ft 2 I need all the help I can get!!)

Manths xx


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  2. I am with you on the nude shoes lengthening trick, I need all the help I can get too. Love your irregular choice shoes. xx

  3. That is one seriously big shoe collection! I love the second shoes, they are the perfect shoes for summer indeed!



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