7 Jun 2011

challenge 28 and 27

These aren't the most exciting of challenge posts so I thought I would put these two together...

28- A photo of your mobile
I don't know why you would want to see a photo of my mobile but here it is... it is an Iphone 4 and yes that is a sparkly cover (every girl needs a bit of bling as my mum always tells me - she actually bought the cover for me!)

27 - A photo of you 2 years ago

(It's supposed to be one photo but I started reminiscing looking at old photos so I thought I'd share a few)
me (on the right) and my beautiful friend Rose

Me and the BF

These were all roughly taken during summer 2008. I don't think I've changed that much apart from my hair which is now blonder (I change my hair A LOT).

Manths xx


  1. Your Iphone hurts my eyes lol (♥ it)

  2. Sam thanks SO much for your comment regarding epilators! Much appreciated :)

    I've just been on at orange to see when I can upgrade my BB to an iphone but not until aug at the latest!!! WEEP.


  3. love your mobile case and looks like you have been having fun xxx

  4. i like you in blond....but you are beautiful even in brown.<3 take a look of my blog and if you want we can follow each other.thanks
    xoxo mininuni


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