16 Jun 2011

Time to get my run on... (sorry quite a personal post)

Yesterday I signed myself up to run the Race for Life! eeek! Quite daunting for me as I am not a runner and have never run three miles in my life, but I'm determined to do it because I want to get into running and also because unfortunately Cancer has affected quite a few of my family members.

My dad died nearly two years ago now. At only 54, very active and healthy (he used to run 5 miles everyday, never drank and ate nothing but salad) he started getting really bad headaches, and started to lose the ability to read properly - like he was developing dyslexia. The doctors told him it was stress but after a while he went for a scan and was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
The cancer was very aggressive, he had an operation to remove some of the tumour and he had radiotherapy and chemotherapy but within a year the cancer had defeated him.
My grandparents also both died from cancer and more recently one of my best friends' dad died too.
This is the main reason why I'm doing this - because cancer is one of the biggest killers these days and we need to help the scientists to find a cure for it but to do this they need money to fund vital research.
Unfortunately it seems as though most people these days know someone who has been affected by cancer - whether directly or indirectly.
I would love it if any of you would like to sponsor me - no matter how small a donation (every penny counts) or just words of encouragement would be appreciated!
Please click here to sponsor me online!

(Me and my daddy)

Manths xxx


  1. I will definitely sponsor you :) As you know my mum is going through treatment at the mo.. and both my grandparents died of cancer so it's close to my heart as well. I'm sure your dad would be super proud of you running. xx

  2. Such a moving post, I hope everything will be allright with your friend and with you.
    Koop strong. X, SArah


  3. good luck with race for life. i am impressed and touch that you can share such a personal post. best of luck! i'm your newest follower


  4. hi, thank you for you kind comment on my blog :)
    yeah, we can both make shops! :D

    btw, I am so impressed with your plan about together fighting cancer. My friend lost his mother bcoz of breast cancer.
    This year I will be a student of medicine faculty in Bali and I will join a group which care about this problem. I really hope doctor and scientist can solve this severe problem, or maybe someday I can find the way to cure cancer? hehe.

    Good luck girl for the donation! you are super kind, xx


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