5 Aug 2011

Fully fledged blondie...

Last night I took the leap from a dark blonde to a full head of blonde hair!
I went to the salon where I work on a Saturday, The Cutting Company (click on the name to visit the facebook page) and spent a couple of hours with my friend (and now personal hairdresser) Tash.
She transformed me from this....

To this....

I am very pleased with the turnout! Thanks Tash!! (sorry for the crappy photography)

Tash is a hairdresser in the making and has recently set up her own blog, where she will talk about all things hair related (with other things thrown in), hair up tutorials and document things she has learnt through her training.
This is Tash!

She is new to the blogging world so pop on over to Fashionista Head and show her some love!

Manths xx


  1. loveee your hair

    Im jel of blondes as Im a naturally VERY dark brunette.

    Looks Fab!!! xxxxx

  2. She's done a great job your hair looks great! xx

  3. Your hair looks really nice, the colour definitely suits you!x

  4. Your hair looks great. My friend does my hair as well but I could never go blonde, my hair is way too dark. haha.


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