17 Aug 2011

Just wanted to share...

I wanted to share my excitement with you guys - as a journalist I was trying a bit of freelance writing and have had one of my articles published in the south west free magazine 247.

Click here to read it if you want (once on the page you have to click on the virtual magazine towards the bottom and go to page 22) it's about 'extreme scootering' by the way - nothing fashion or beauty related I'm afraid but still worth a read I hope!

On a separate note, visit my other blog Lost in the Woods to see some snaps from my holiday to France!

Manths xx


  1. Arh congratsss!
    You should be very proud xxx

  2. just had a read of your article, its very well written :) Congrats on getting it in to 247 magazine!
    I used to read the mag when i was in college, i just don't seem to come across it much anymore though... do you know where/how is it usually distrubuted?

    keep up the good work
    tasha x

  3. Ah thank you guys! Tasha I think it depends where you are, in the South West I think they're usually available in surf shops and cafés but I live in West Devon and I can't find one anywhere around me, so I have to wait til my mum can get one from deepest darkest Cornwall! haha.
    Sam x

  4. Congratulations my luvvvvv!!!! Thats fab! I used to pick this mag up from 'FLATSPOT' when I was a 'skater girl' ;) Is a really nice modern bit of publishing for the south west!! haha Very good, going to read it now! Hope your well X

  5. You got a whole page! Well done once again!! X


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