18 Aug 2011

DIY Day!!

I'm always making new things out of old things and customising my clothing so I thought I would start a new series to share some of my DIY's with you. Feel free to have a go at any of them if you wish - send me some pictures or ideas — why buy when you can DIY???

I'm starting off with a pretty easy one, as long as you have some basic sewing skills you will be fine!!

DIY skirt out of trousers
You will need:

  • An old pair of trousers
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
Start by cutting the legs off your trousers - it doesn't have to be the length you want the skirt, you can adjust that later.

Then with your scissors or an unpicker, unpick the stitching from the inside leg to the crotch on both sides so you are left with a hole in the middle — essentially a skirt shape.

Then at the front of the skirt will be a triangle gap, so take a square of some of the excess leg material you cut off earlier and lay it underneath the gap and pin.

Then turn the skirt over and you will have a bit that sticks out like this..

Fold this down along the seam and pin like this...

At this point you should try the skirt on to make sure it fits properly. If it is too tight or too loose, adjust the V at the front moving it in or out and re-pinning. Once you are happy with the fit its time to get out your needle and thread of a similar colour. I always double over the thread so it is stronger...

You can use a sewing machine which would be much quicker but mine is packed away somewhere in my house and I couldn't be bothered to un-earth it!
Stitch along the pinned seams then put your skirt on and measure how long you want it. Cut at the desired length and voila!

I like my skirts a bit rough around the edges so I would stop here and let the hem fray, but if you like your skirts neat then simply turn the hem up and stitch.

Here are a couple others I have made over the years that I now live in...

Here my friend and I are both wearing DIY'd skirts made by me
Sorry, this was the only picture I could find where you could kind of see the skirt, I love this one, I have slashed it and frayed it to the max - my boyfriend says its indecent....

If you want to have a go at this, let me know how it goes!

There will be more DIYS each week, so keep an eye out!

Manths xx


  1. Fabulous DIY project. Just might have to give this a try!


  2. nice DIY day:D

  3. Definetley going to try this! Thanks! <3


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