23 Aug 2011

Total dedication

I'm back from an immense weekend at V Festival, unfortunately I don't have many photos because I was being the paparazzi so there are only photos of the BF and my other friend which aren't too exciting! But I had to share this with you. I had to zoom in so the quality of the picture is not so great...
I loved this so much I had to take a photo - this woman deserves 10/10 for dedication - hair in rollers as we were queuing to get our wristbands.

Manths xx


  1. ha love it! so jealous you went to V, i wanted to go so bad! xx

  2. Wow haha I love that lady!!! Dedication indeed.

    Hope you had a fab time xxxx

  3. So jel, bet you had the best time. Love it!! I bet ya shes from Liverpool and I mean that in a nice way, the girls are so glam and wear rollers in the day to go shopping ready for saturday night.

    Thanks for your lovely comment honey pie xoxo

  4. :) I went to V fest too. so awesome! what wasn't so great was not showering for 4 days.. yikes.


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