24 Mar 2011

Have you met my friend Jo?

Jo and me

This is Jo (she's not blonde anymore though) and she has just joined the blogging world! 
If your into music and art then her blog  Strings, Beats and Painting Faces  is the place to go. 
She is an avid portrait painter and music enthusiast, and plays the guitar and sings.
Her blog is a place for gig reviews, sharing new music and upcoming bands and a platform to show off her artwork.
So pop on over and say hello by clicking HERE, go on..... do it! 

Manths xx


  1. Awww thank you for the lovely comment on my blog hun. Seriously, good angles on the leg front, ha! Just checked out your friends blog, I love music so am def following! That painting she did of you is gorgeous too, so cute! xxxx

  2. Cheers for the follow lovey, please let me know if you try the vinyl bowl. Will hopefully be posting another how too sometime soon. Fab blog xx

  3. From the side she looks like you, to me anyway.
    Both really pretty though.


  4. Hi chick, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog and double thank you for following.

    Fab post hun

  5. you are cute girls :))

    we can follow each other if you wanna)


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