14 Jan 2011

Back to the 1940's...

Being a girl, one of my favourite things to do is dress up — not just to dress up for a nice evening — I mean full on, all out 'look at me' dressing up, the only kind you can get away with if you're doing fancy dress.
Well luckily that is exactly what I will be doing this weekend! I'm going to a 'through the decades' themed party on Saturday night which gives me the perfect excuse to dress in my favourite fashion era - the 1940s!
Think victory rolls, bright red lips, pillbox hats and pencil skirts.
A few examples for you...

These are my ideas for hair and makeup inspiration....

 (All images from Google)

Just incase you are curious to see how I end up looking on the night, I will take some photos to share with you lot!
Anyone got any ideas or tips for recreating this kind of look??

Rolling for victory....

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  1. Ohh I did a proper 1940s thing as well for a party. So much fun in the preparation. On the side bar on my blog you can see the photo. I would suggest buying the foamy hair donoughts and cutting it into two. One for each side. The idea is that you roll your hair around them and you kind of fake the victory roll! I wish I knew that then.

  2. you look so beautiful like that! love it!

  3. Ok guys just to clear up (although I would love to lie) the bottom pic is NOT me its just a pic I took off google to demonstrate how I wanted to look - and I did choose the photo because she is gorgeous!
    I wish I could fool you all and let you believe this is me but I'm afraid that would be wishful thinking! haha. xx


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