6 May 2011

Sweet like chocolate...

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Trying to be good and get in shape for summer, but can't keep those chocolate cravings at bay?
Fear not, word has it that Cadbury's is delving into the world of bath products, launching its new choc-tastic range in June.
The chocolatiers have gone into business with cosmetic company Anatomicals to create a range of bath products which smell like three new flavours of its Dairy Milk Bliss Bar.
The limited edition products, which include a truffle bath creme, toffee body butter and a hazelnut exfoliating wash, are available at John Lewis and ASOS next month.

Will you be rushing to bathe in a hot chocolate bath? Or is that one step too far?

Manths xx


  1. I'm not too sure personally- I prefer things like lavender and violet for the bath, or Lush-type things.. but the choc bar itself sounds pretty tasty! xx

  2. I would think that smelling those things all day would just make me want to eat them more. :-)

  3. This sounds good, I like chocolate and lavender/vanilla bath products.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. That is AMAZING that Cadbury is branching out into cosmetics!!! I'm a Food Science major so I am extremely intrigued by different uses for food :) This is awesome news, thank you so much for this post!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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