31 Dec 2010

Chippedy chip

It has been three and a half days on the 'quest for the best:nail hardener - Barry M basecoat, topcoat and nail hardener' and the chips have started to appear!

Three days to some people may not seem like a decent length of time for nail polish to stay intact but for me this actually a record!
The polish has only started to chip on two of my nails and the rest are still quite neat looking.
Barry M is a definite contender for my 'best nail hardener award' but is there anything that can beat it? Make sure you come back to find out......


  1. LOVE your site! So cute!

    As far as your nail polish goes, good luck! My nails aren't quite so fragile, but I developed the icky habit of biting my nails pretty much the same day that I cut my first tooth so my nails hardly ever look pretty. I've taken to using artificial nails. LOVE 'em! But they aren't so great after a few weeks. They start to fall off and them I'm left with rough, flaky nails that bend at the slightest pressure. Eek!

    Looking forward to reading more from you! :-)

  2. Your blog is the everything i look for :)
    GOSH nail hardner AMAZING :)
    hope this helps

  3. Thank you I will give it a try - keep a look out for a post coming soon with another nail hardener!
    Sam xx


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