18 Dec 2010

Christmas? It's in the bag!

Yes for once in my life I have actually been organised, and (I think) I might just be prepared for Christmas!!!
Our tree is up and decorated and looks like this...
Anyone who knows me knows that I love hearts (I even have two tattooed to my bum). I don't know if you can see but the tree is covered in little heart baubles!! I love them!
And yes there are some presents under the tree - most of them are for other people though unfortunately!! (If you look very carefully out the window you might just be able to see the down pour of snow that happened last night!)
So for the next week I can relax in the run up to Christmas (well I've got to work all week - right up until Christmas Eve but won't have to worry about whether I've got everything sorted!)
I am now going to venture outside, braving the snow and ice to see these two lovely ladies for coffee!!

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