3 Dec 2010

When boredom strikes....

..... clean your desk!
I've had absolutely nothing to do at work today — I'm literally counting down the minutes until I can go home .... 1 hour and 37 minutes left!! With boredom setting in I decided to clean my desk because it usually looks like this...
Yes I am a messy person, and as a reporter I have a lot of things to remember hence all the sticky notes on my computer! This isn't what it looks like now, it's now lovely and tidy and biscuit-crumb free!

I may complain about being bored but there is a perk to my job — free press tickets to my my nearby music venue Plymouth Pavillions and tonight I am going to see Pixie Lott!! I will be singing along  aLOTT! (bad joke).
I've managed to persuade the boyfriend to drive me in so I can have a drink (or two).


  1. Just found your blog and love it! Very funny and totally agree with your view on friends/cheese/rose spritzers!!x

  2. Thank you! As you could probably tell, I've only just started in the blogging world and it's nice to get some feedback for it so thank you very much!

  3. aLOTT haha that is actually quite funny for a bad joke!! xx


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