7 Mar 2011

Never without.....Nivea

Nivea was always a cream that my grandma used so it reminds me of old ladies and holidays in Spain (where my grandma lived).

BUT I have found a recent love for it thanks to a friend of mine.

I always have incredibly dry lips and normal lip balm does nothing for me apart from coat my lips in a load of gunk that can't be absorbed - therefore not providing any moisture!
So I was coating my lips in my normal face moisturiser when i was at home but obviously a tub of moisturiser is a bit bulky to carry around in your bag!!
I noticed the other day that my friend had a small tub of nivea that she was using so i popped straight off to the shop and bought myself one!

It's about the same size as the small tins of vaseline you can get but double the depth - plenty of cream to keep you going for a while, and doesn't take up much room in your bag!
It has been my saviour for the last couple of weeks, not only for my dry lips but I have been battling with a cold and my constant nose-blowing has left me with a dry, red, flaky nose so I have been generously applying the Nivea Creme which has helped to soothe it!
(It's also good for spots when they get to that dry stage that looks horrible - especially with makeup on top! Moisturises them nicely!)
I suggest you go out and get yourselves some!!

Old lady nostalgia......

Manths xx


  1. oh i am a big fan of Nivea, i'm never without a tub.
    Never thought about using it on my lips though, what a good idea! :)


  2. I am definitely never without Nivea either. Isn't it such a wonderful product!


  3. Hi, Thanks so much for following my blog, I'm following yours now too! What a great idea for such a cult product, I remember my Mom using this when I was little. I'm definitely going to be getting myself a mini tub. carly x


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