20 Nov 2010

Sweet Lips!

So this is the first of my reviews and it has come after I decided I wanted to start wearing more lipstick to jazz my face up a bit.
My mum wears a lot of lipstick and she bought a new one from Superdrug the other day which I tried and really liked.
It's Maybelline 18 hour wear Superstay lip colour in 130 Dawn Pink Rose Seduction. (It got a bit bashed in the bag on my way home).
It is a double-ended stick - one end has a lip gloss type applicator for the colour, which you put on first, and the other end is a conditioning balm, which goes on second.
After you've applied the colour, you have to wait for it to dry (you MUST do this otherwise the colour goes bit smeary). Once the colour has dried, you put the conditioning balm over the top which moisturises the lips and gives it a shine.
The colour I chose is quite subtle because I wanted something I could wear during the day and to work.
It is about 5.30 in the evening so the light in my flat is not very good which means the photo of the colour on my lips is not great but just gives you an idea...
(I'm sorry that you can see up my nose!!)
I'm not the most photogenic person in the world hence the half face shot!
Anyway I really like this lip colour it really does stay on for AGES but does come off when you wash it off (unlike a lip stain) you do have to keep applying the balm though, otherwise the colour looks a bit dry. I'm used to putting on lip balm every 5 minutes so thats not a problem for me!
Let me know what you think!
Pretty pink kisses! xxx

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  1. Hey hun, that is such a pretty colour, it really suits you! Good luck with the blog, it's very addicitive! x


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