6 Nov 2010

Hangover TV

I didn't really want to start my blog with a hangover but as I'm sitting watching Beetlejuice on crappy Saturday TV, I thought this was as good a time as any!
I should probably introduce myself a little bit - my name is Sam but my friends call me manths (as in Samantha) or panth (don't ask me why).
I live in a small town in Devon and work on the local newspaper as a journalist. Working on such a small newspaper I spend a lot of time talking to old people and people who have nothing better to do then moan, but I do love getting to meet lots of people and the people I work with are lovely.
I have a very close knit group of friends (we are a bit like the programme Friends). There's my wonderful bestest mate Joanne - she's my rock and I love her, and then theres Mike (my boyfriend), scottie, bruv, pete, zig, doyler  and Joe- i love these guys, they make me laugh everyday - you will probably here a lot about them on this blog! They look a little bit like this....

So back to my hangover - it wasn't intentional (but when is it ever?) Joanne and I have a tradition of going to our local pub "the nish" after work on a Friday to celebrate the end of the week (even tho Joanne doesn't have a job at the moment) but last night she flaked out on me so I managed to convince the boys to come out.
One drink led to two, three and four and before I knew it, it was 10pm and the boyfriend decided it was time I went home! So off I was dragged, and having missed dinner, it was no surprise that I felt pretty awful when I woke up ths morning!
Anyway, back to nursing my hangover.
Peace out.

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