12 Jan 2011

Budget beauty all the way...

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I probably should have explained this when I first started my blog but if you've come here looking for reviews and opinions on high-end brands and products you should skip along because you won't find them here - for three reasons mainly:

1— I live in a small town and we only have a small Superdrug store and an even smaller Boots store which don't stock high-end expensive make-up brands. (The most expensive range I could buy from is L'Oreal).
2 — Even if I did have access to these brands, I don't get paid nearly enough to be able to afford them.
3 — I don't see why I should pay megabucks for fancy packaging when I could get pretty much the same product for a lot cheaper.

Don't get me wrong I love make-up, I love buying make-up but I love a bargain even more (and having enough money to pay the rent).
A lot of people believe that high-end brands offer better quality products and some blogs I have read do make these products sound amazing, but I'm still sceptical - is it just the hype? Are they just drawn in by the advertising? Are they endorsing these brands just because they are 'fashionable'.

Just to reiterate my point I came across a very informative blog called Beauty and the Bullshit written by Rowena, who used to be the manager of a global make-up brand. She gives her inside knowledge about how make-up company's work and how they spend a little but make a lot.
Her recent post 'Pencil Pornication' tells how eye and lip pencils are all made in only a few places but bought up by lots of different make-up brands who put on their own packaging and their own advertising slogan.
So essentially a pencil that you buy from Rimmel could be the same as one you buy from Chanel but pay triple the price for. (This is just an example by the way.) You can read her post here

So if you're prepared to pay over the odds for spectacular packaging (which in my case just gets bashed about in my make-up case) then carry on, but for me it's budget beauty all the way!

Pretty penniless....

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