5 Jan 2012

Guilty girl (style) crush...

Please don't judge me I know she's not to everyone's taste but looking through pictures of Amber Rose I am actually loving her style.....

Give the girl her due, she knows how to dress for her shape, and I love that she can mix up her styles from glamorous to sexy to edgy to a little bit rock 'n' roll.
I know a lot of you won't be with me on this one as, like a lot of people in the spotlight, she has made her mistakes.....

 (All images from Google)

But most of the time when I see Amber Rose I think she gets it right.

Who's with me?

Manths x


  1. She is STUNNING! I love her :) xxx

  2. The cups of the dress on the 4th picture really freak me out, under wires should go UNDER the breasts, girls in america really could use some bra fitting advice. She's definitely not a B cup, a 32 FF maybe (depending on how tall she is), someone should fit her, one can tell she has a very nice hourglass shape; the right bra would enhance that and prevent the look of pendulous and squashed breasts(images 8 & 9).
    She does look very good in the first picture, the red goes really well with her skin tone.

  3. Love Amber Rose and your blog! : )



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