8 Nov 2011

Giveaway winner!!

A big thank you to the two lovelies who entered my Lush Skullduggery give away — Mo and Fannie!
Unfortunately there could only be one winner, so I went old school and wrote the names on paper and put them in a hat (cup)....

.... whizzed them around and pulled out a name....

MO! Well done I will be sending it off imminently! Check out Mo's blog - it's one of my favourites Ciao! Manhattan

I will be holding a BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY in the near future in celebration of my first bloggiversary to say thank you to all of you who take the time to read my ramblings!
(I hope a few more of you enter this time, haha!)

Manths xx


  1. Oh thank you lovely!! I love anything skull related so can't wait to try these, and blog about them...maybe my first beauty related post! HA! Will reply to your mail now.


  2. Hehehhe. Congrats Mo. I hope you enjoy the bomb.

    Thanks again for hosting this giveaway.


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