14 Sep 2011

This week I want....

Strong, long, healthy looking nails

lacey tights for the autumn

a bum like this (please?)

I NEED these rings in my life

I want to go here (wherever it is)

her tattoo down her arm and the style of her hair

Thinking about getting a fringe like this? (I don't know whether to or not yet!)

And I want to try this Bridget Bardot hairstyle this week, looks simple but chic!
(images via weheartit.com)

Manths xx


  1. OMG a bum like is top of my Xmas list!!! Implants are an option ! Haha x

  2. Thanks for your comment lovely- an eye for an eye is a great quote.
    Ahh I wish I had healthy nails, sadly I never do. I really want to go away somewhere with such a perfect beach too.. xx

  3. cute


  4. Great list of things to want! I'd take one of those bums any day!! Hello perfection!! Id def say try a fringe too, doesn't take that long to grow out if you change your mind plus lighter fringes look best I think. xxx


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