20 Jul 2011

Lightening legs...

I did it! On Sunday I got my pink gear on and joined thousands of others in doing the Race for Life!
I managed to complete the 5km in 32 minutes - my best time ever! I'd ran 5km before on the flat and struggled towards the end, but at the actual race half of it was up hill, I didn't stop once and I did it in my record time! As you can probably guess I was very pleased with myself!
And not only that, I managed to raise nearly £350 for Cancer Research UK, which I am also very pleased about!

If you want to hear more about the day and see some more sweaty photos, visit my other blog Lost in the Woods
It's not too late to add to my sponsorship if you want to help beat cancer, just click here to go to my online sponsorship page!
Manths xx


  1. Well done you!! That's such a quick time (I'm pretty unfit..) so yay, and that's lots of money raised :D xx

  2. Well done go girl. You should be very proud of yourself chicky xoxoxo

  3. Good Job! Your time was great.

    And you will see more pics of my puppy at my blog =)



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