8 May 2012

DIY ripped jeans: in the style of the Saturdays and Miley Cyrus

The grungy look has been big this season, thanks to the likes of Rihanna rocking a 90s grunge trend in recent videos like 'We Found Love', and what better way to rock the look than in a pair of ripped skinny's.

As well as adding an edge to an outfit, it also allows you to flash a bit of flesh without feeling like you're baring all.

Ripped jeans can be found in most high street shops at the moment, but why pay over the odds for a pair of jeans that are effectively ruined when you can ruin a pair yourself for free!

All you need is a pair of jeans that you don't mind ripping up, and a pair of scissors.

You don't have to go overboard with the rips like in the images above, you could settle for a couple around the knee areas or you could go all out and rip to your heart's content.

You don't have to cut neatly, for my jeans I cut a small hole in the area I wanted the rip and then tore the material apart to give a more ragged effect.

Once you have placed all your rips, if you want your jeans to look semi-neat then leave the jeans as they are — you are finished! If, like me, you want them to look more scuffed and distressed, get some sand paper and sand the edges of the tears to rough them up abit. Pull out some threads here and there and then pop them in the wash (this helps the edges to fray).

The results of mine....

Manths xx


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed with this and I love how your's turned out. They look great and just like the celeb pairs!


    1. Ah thank you! You should definitely give it a try!! Thank you for stopping by! X

  2. i have an old pair of tight black jeans. You give me amazing idea how to shred it. I love to wear extremely ragged jeans.

  3. So stylish, love your fashion taste, and those Jean skirts for women WOW girl LOVE

  4. NEwayUlykeIT046 May 2015 at 04:32



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