13 Feb 2012

Rihanna's hair: yay or nay?

I've had a week or so to ponder over it, a subject that always gets tongues wagging.... Rihanna's hair.
She's been shaved, black, straight, curly, long, bobbed, brown, red and now.... blonde.
When I first saw pictures she put on twitter I quite liked it, in contrast to the tabloids' 'she looks like Rod Stewart' headlines.
But I have to say the more I see of her and her new 'do, the less I'm liking the look...

However, her hair did look better curly as she had it for the Grammy's...

 (Daily Mail images)

I'm sure with her indecisiveness, this look won't last long, but what's next I wonder? Maybe she'll try Amber-Rose's shaven chic or Nicki Minaj's luminous locks....

What do you think? What has been Rihanna's best hairstyle so far?

Manths xx


  1. my favorite rihanna look was the "umbrella" short cropped bob! it was sensational! 

  2. I wish she'd go back long! When she did sos her hair was beaut. Lovely blog :) x


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