13 Oct 2011


Well, what a surprise I had when I checked my blog this morning.... the beautiful Twiggs from Slightly Oblivious to the Obvious gave me my first ever blog award!!

The Liebster blog is to recognise blogs with under 200 followers and I'm so grateful for this - thank you Twiggs!! You should definitely check out her blog!!

And now to award it to five more lovely bloggers who deserve some recognition...

Jenn at Lotus and Pie (for yummy recipes and fitness inspiration)

Zhing at Little Projects in Style (for her projects the letters from her cute little doggie Musashi)

Natasha Marie at My Makeup. My Photography. My Dreams. My Thoughts. (awesome photos and make up)

Pebbz at Pebbzblog (regular pinner on pinterest)


Krystle at Skinny Jeans Dreams (follow her on her journey into skinny jeans)

You should check out all these lovely ladies they keep me amused every day!!!

P.s check out my other blog Lost in the Woods for my personal journey through life!


  1. yay congrats on the blog award hun :) xx

  2. thanks so much!! for passing the love too!! its my first!! xx


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