12 Oct 2012

Cosmopolitan gets curvaceous

Top marks go to Cosmopolitan (Australia) for next month's issue, featuring a shoot with plus size gorgeous model Robin Lawley.
Other magazines have done shoots with plus size models before, I know, BUT this shoot has not been ridiculously airbrushed so that she doesn't look like a normal person, she hasn't had various body parts hidden with objects and she is not covered up in copious amounts of clothing.
Nope, 6ft 2 and UK size 16 Robin is being embraced in all her glory in a body-baring bikini shoot.
After landing a major contract as the first plus-size model for Ralph Lauren last month, Robin is pictured lazing on a sunny beach modelling an array of pretty printed bikinis for the magazine's November issue. And she looks fantastic.

So come on Cosmo UK, it's time to follow suit!

Manths xx


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